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School Programs

We are proud to offer 3 school programs designed to stop violence within the next generation.

Hands are Not for Hitting

This program is presented to elementary age students and offers an entertaining and educational PowerPoint that teaches children that Hands are Not for Hitting. The students learn a little song and are taught to say a pledge which is a simple way for them to promise not to use their hands for hitting. They will receive a coloring and activity book, a membership card, and a hands pledge fan so they can become a member of the “Hands are not for hitting” club.

Bully-Free Kids

Our bully-free kids program is presented to middle school students. We teach children how to recognize the signs of bullying and give them the tools to protect themselves in a bullying situation. The students take the Bully Free Pledge which is a simple promise to not bully and to be a good friend to everyone. Each child is invited to be a member of our Bully Free Kid Club and receives a membership card, a bullying prevention pamphlet, and an orange Bully-Free bracelet.

We are often asked what Bullying has to do with Domestic Violence. Studies show that men who were bullied as children are one and a half times more likely to abuse an intimate partner as adults and the childhood bullies themselves are nearly 4 times more likely to become abusers.

Teen Dating Violence

Our high school program is about teen dating violence. It starts with a presentation defining dating violence: a pattern of behavior where one person threatens to use or actually use physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse to control his or her partner. They learn dating violence warning signs and characteristics of a healthy relationship. It includes a video about personal stories on dating violence told by high school students and an open discussion where the students can ask questions. Each student will receive various educational handouts including the “Love Does Not Hurt” handbook, a purple Teen Dating Violence bracelet, and an evaluation / comment card to fill out anonymously.

How do you get these programs in front of your children?

All of our school programs are available at no charge to any school within Assumption, Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes. We also offer our presentations to homeschool groups and other group such as 4-H, etc. Please contact your school and have the administration call us to schedule.

Every Bit Counts
$10 - buys milk, bread, & eggs for a family for 1 week.

$25 - pays to host our weekly non-residential Support Group.

$50 - pays for 1 person, 1 night in the shelter.

$100 - funds the children's Tutoring & Educational Program for 1 week.

$150 - cost of initial setup of groceries & supplies for a new family in shelter.

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Ethnic Hair Care Products
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