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Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline:

Chez Hope maintains a full service children’s program. The program has a full time Children’s Coordinator. The primary area of services is the Children’s Center. The center has 1500 square feet that includes an office space, a space for small children, a craft room, a kitchen, a library and a teen room.

The Children’s Coordinator sees all children residing in the shelter within 72 hours upon entrance. Intakes are provided as well as individual safety plans.

The Children’s Coordinator provides daily age appropriate groups for children residing in the shelter program. The Homeless Education Program provides a certified teacher four days a week to tutor the children residing in the shelter.

On Monday nights age appropriate groups are held for residential and non-residential children.

In addition, there are other group activities held for the shelter children for holidays and when school is out. A 4 week Summer Camp Program is also held every June that includes field trips to various places in the area.

Take a look at what our talented volunteers did with our Arts and Crafts Room!  Isn’t it amazing?













Every Bit Counts
$10 - buys milk, bread, & eggs for a family for 1 week.

$25 - pays to host our weekly non-residential Support Group.

$50 - pays for 1 person, 1 night in the shelter.

$100 - funds the children's Tutoring & Educational Program for 1 week.

$150 - cost of initial setup of groceries & supplies for a new family in shelter.

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Ethnic Hair Care Products
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