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BIP is a Domestic Violence Education Program (Duluth Model, DAIP) designed for men using abusive behavior in their personal lives and at the same time designed to assure the safety of victims.

Program Philosophy
Violence is intentional. Violence is a system of abusive behavior used to maintain power and control. Batterers can change their abusive behavior if they choose to.

BIP is a 26-week program, 2-hour-per-week, open-ended class. Weekly classes are available in the parishes of St. Mary  and Assumption parishes.

Who is a Batterer?

Jealousy – Routinely accusing their partner of having other relationships

Control and Isolation – Going to extremes to isolate and control their partner

Unrealistic Expectations – Extreme dependency, expecting perfectionism

Blame – Blames others for their problems, denies and/or minimizes abuse

Jekyl and Hyde Personality – Exhibits extreme personality changes

Explosive Temper – Trivial happenings can trigger physical/abusive episodes

Legal Problems – May have an arrest record, history of abusive behavior

Verbal and Physical Abuse – Mind games, insults, name calling

History of Family Violence – A family history of abuse

Every Bit Counts
$10 - buys milk, bread, & eggs for a family for 1 week.

$25 - pays to host our weekly non-residential Support Group.

$50 - pays for 1 person, 1 night in the shelter.

$100 - funds the children's Tutoring & Educational Program for 1 week.

$150 - cost of initial setup of groceries & supplies for a new family in shelter.

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Towels & Washcloths
  • Ethnic Hair Care Products
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